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Following Jesus

So you want to be a follower of Jesus? It's a great ambition. And very, very doable. Jesus himself said "come to me you who are heavily burdened and I will give you rest." You see, follwing him, or being a Christian, isn't a hard thing its like coming home. There's no big list of rules to obey, just a loving father to get to know. And the more you get to know him the more you'll want to do what's pleasing to him. And the more you'll experience his power in you, enabling you to do what's right.

So what's the catch? Well, there's a slight problem in that Jesus is God, and God is so totally perfect and not one of us is good enough to qualify to be his followers. The only way we can become good enough is by paying the price for all our sin, all the wrong things we've ever done. And the price is that we've got to die. But that's where Jesus stepped in. He died 2000 years ago as a substitute for you and me. He had no sin of his own, but he took yours and mine when he died on the cross. Because of that, we can now qualify as good enough to live with God!

All you've got to do is recognise that you've sinned, repent (which means to be sorry and decide to get it right from now on), and believe in Jesus. Talk to God and ask him to forgive you for all you've done wrong and he will - he's promised to. Then find someone who's already a Christian and tell them what's happened. From here on, expect all kinds of unexpected things to happen...

Oh, and following Jesus isn't about walking behind a dead man. three days after he died on the cross he was raised to life again, and lives forever! Get hold of a Bible and read all about it for yourself.

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